Satellite and Ground System Components

SpaceQuest's unparalleled technical expertise brings you real world, information-age alternatives to the practices and methodologies employed by traditional satellite manufacturers. Whatever your microsatellite avionics or ground system requirements may be, SpaceQuest can satisfy them with its extensive range of small, affordable, low power components.

ANT-GPS Active GPS Antenna

ANT-GPS Active GPS Antenna

ANT-GPS Active GPS Antenna


The ANT-GPS is a space qualified L-band patch antenna tuned to the GPS frequency bands. This low profile antenna provides hemispherical coverage and a built in Low Noise Amplified (LNA). This antenna is ideal for microsats and smallsats, but can also be mounted recessed on cubesats.

Key Features

  • Tuned to L1 GPS Band
  • Built in 33dB LNA
  • Hemispherical Radiation Pattern
  • Low Axial Ratio and VSWR
  • Space Qualified with 18 in Operation on Orbit
  • Powered from GPS Receiver through RF Cable

More details are available in the datasheet.