ANT-GPS Active GPS Antenna

ANT-GPS Image 1_web.png
ANT-GPS Image 1_web.png

ANT-GPS Active GPS Antenna



The ANT-GPS is a space qualified L-band patch antenna tuned to the GPS frequency bands. This low profile antenna provides hemispherical coverage and a built in Low Noise Amplified (LNA). This antenna is ideal for microsats and smallsats, but can also be mounted recessed on cubesats.

Key Features

  • Tuned to L1 GPS Band
  • Built in 33dB LNA
  • Hemispherical Radiation Pattern
  • Low Axial Ratio and VSWR
  • Space Qualified with 18 in Operation on Orbit
  • Powered from GPS Receiver through RF Cable

More details are available in the datasheet.

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