SpaceQuest Newsletter, January 2016

Kicking Off 2016 in Style

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2016 and we hope this e-mail finds you recharged after the holidays and as excited about 2016 as we are.  Besides wishing you all the best for this coming year, we also wanted to let you know about a few exciting things we've just released.

New Online Storefront

First, we've just revamped our online storefront to make it easier for our customers to browse our products and acquire information and documentation. Be sure to come check it out when you get chance.  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE NEW STOREFRONT.

SQL Datasheets.png

New Product Sheets

Second, we have released updated product datasheets with both a new look and feel as well as expanded information. They are available for download on our website. We are also in the process of posting ICDs and CAD models to improve access to the detailed information you need to further you missions. You will begin to see ICDs and CAD models posted over the next couple months.

2016 Prices Released

Finally, we have just released our 2016 Published Price List. As many of you know, we publish our prices on the web and make periodic updates to the list as offerings change. Click here to download the 2016 Price List. Alternatively, navigate to our Component Storefront and look for the dark gray button in the top right.

That is all for now, but as always don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to hear from you and look forward to working with many of you in 2016.


Patrick Shannon
Vice President, SpaceQuest Ltd

Posted on January 12, 2016 .