AN-400 UHF/VHF Ground Station Transceiver

SQ-AN-400 Image 1_web_small.png
SQ-AN-400 Image 1_web_small.png

AN-400 UHF/VHF Ground Station Transceiver



The AN-400 is an agile software defined radio (SDR) satellite ground station transceiver and modem.  Connect this system to your existing antenna and you're ready to command your satellite and downlink data. The flexible SDR architecture lets you customize the system for your unique application and supports both full duplex VHF/UHF and half-duplex UHF modes. 

Key Features

  • Frequency, Waveform and Data Rate Agile
  • Built-in Quad Core Server
  • Compact Rugged 2U Design
  • Full and Half Duplex Modes
  • Receive Frequency: 70 MHz to 3 GHz RF Signal
  • Transmit Frequency: VHF or UHF
  • Up to 25 Watts HPA Power Out

Additional details are available in the product datasheet.

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