STS-200 6-Channel AIS Receiver

SQ-AIS-200 Image 3_web.png
SQ-AIS-200 Image 3_web.png

STS-200 6-Channel AIS Receiver



The STS-200 is a space qualified 6-channel Satellite AIS (S-AIS) receiver ideal for the collection and On Board Processing (OBP) of AIS messages. This is our 3rd generation design based on over 4 years of previous S-AIS system development by SpaceQuest. It has flown on AprizeSat-8, AprizeSat-10 and exactView-11.

Key Features

  • Six channel AIS Receiver and Processor
  • Built in On Board Processing
  • Delivered Ready to Fly
  • Supports 4 Antenna Inputs
  • Space Qualified (TRL-9
  • Receive Bandwidth of Up to 20 KHz/Channel
  • Asynchronous Serial Data Output at 115 kbps to Flight Computer and HDLC at 64kbps or 128kbps to Customer Transmitter

Additional details are available in the product datasheet.

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